Enclosed Containers

Enclosed containers are ideal for safely and scurely containing waste in environmentally sensitive areas while on site. These containers can be lockable to prevent unauthorised access or waste leakage.

Front and rear end loaders come complete with either PVC covers, steel or polyethylene lids. Special purpose containers including mini cable-lift versions can be designed and manufactured to meet customers own requirements and specifications. 

Enclosed Hook-Lift & Cable-Lift Container

Ideal for environmentally sensitive sites, these containers are lockable to prevent unauthorised access. Read more

Enclosed Skip

Enclosed skips are ideal for for safely and securely containing waste in sensitive areas while on site. Read more


Vacuums are ideal for compactable industrial and commercial waste being easy to load and lockable for security. Read more

Enclosed Front End Loader

Enclosed FEL's are available in a range of sizes and feature lockable lids for security and to prevent litter escape. Read more

Enclosed Mini Hook Lift Container

Mini hook lift containers are available in a range of sizes and are specially designed to cater for the Mini Hook Lifting System. Read more