Recycling Containers

Doncaster Steel Fabrications offers a full range of recycling containers in both chain lift and hook lift variations.

Being a leading UK manufacturer of steel waste and recycling containers, Doncaster Steel Fabrications are well placed to offer our customers an extensive range of recycling containers.

We have developed special manufacturing solutions for our recycling containers including door seals, finishes and material handling. Whether for glass, paper, cans, batteries, bulbs, food stuffs or clothing recycling we can offer you a comprehensively engineered solution to suit your specific requirements. Special purpose recycling containers can be designed and manufactured to meet our customers own specifications.

If you have a requirement for recyling containers or any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Textile Bank / Package Drop

Textile / Package containers, suitable for all clean: packages, parcels, material, clothes or shoes, available in various sizes. Read more

Bottle Bank

Bottle recycling containers suitable for household and industrial waste including for bottles, broken glassware and other items, available in various sizes. Read more

Paper Bank

Paper recycling containers suitable for newspapers, magazines, catalogues and other white paper, available in various sizes. Read more

Can Bank

Can recycling containers, suitable for aluminium and steel cans and available in various sizes. Read more